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NFT Exposure

For Institutions

A bold approach for the new frontier. 


Digital assets are a new and still emerging development in the history of modern finance. Initially funds and managers have engaged with them in similar structures to traditional assets. We believe this was a mistake. New assets should have a radically new approach to management and exposure for institutions.

We are a family of boutique digital asset funds that specializes in and around the NFT space.  

Our Focus Areas


Spencer Ventures is one of the largest contributors of volume to the overall NFT market and one of the only institutionally backed funds to actively manage its on-chain positions. We believe liquid strategies are correct for risk management in liquid markets. 

Liquid NFT Trading


The future of digital assets and the furtherance of their adoption require infrastructure and technology to support them. We at Spencer Ventures are active participants in supporting and growing infrastructure in and around digital assets and have been major contributors to many of the industry's major protocols. 

Supporting Infrastructure


Operating on a new frontier means new and unexpected situations arise. We embrace this uncertainty and pace of innovation. Regardless if it's buying distressed assets, bidding on defaulting loan auctions, minting new contracts, or voting on the new owner of CryptoDickButts, we are one of the most active players in non-traditional situations. 

Special Situations


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